Filthy Dirty Martini

Admittedly, I've probably never really had a proper Dirty Martini.. So, for those of you who have, maybe this post isn't for you.

One day, a long time ago, when I was a complete Martini-Virgin.... I kept hearing about "Martinis" and specifically a "Dirty Martini" Curiosity got the best of me so I started looking into what was in this oh-so-distinguished beverage... It was love at first sight.. Gin and Olive! What more could I have ever wanted in an adult beverage!?!?! Where have you been all my life? How have we not met sooner??? I was instantly full of regret - calculating the years I have been missing out on such a wonderful creation.

Of course, I ended up at the liquor store... it's like Toys-R-Us for adults. I can browse for hours reading labels and getting lost in all the pretty bottles! Bombay Sapphire was already a tried and true friend of mine along with his bff Tonic water.. So, I spared no expense and started martini experience that very night! It was basically a glass of Sapphire with a touch of olive juice right out of the jar - PHEW! That was a tough first drink......

Needless to say, years later and lots of Dirty Martini recipes and research.. I finally found the perfect mixture for my taste!!!

1. Fill up your Martini Glass with ice, preferably crushed to get it nice and chilled
2. Fill your stainless steel shaker with crushed ice
3. Drizzle a little Martini & Rossi Extra Dry Vermouth over the ice in the shaker
4. Add in your shaker 2 shots of Burnett's Dry Gin* and 1 shot of Dirty Sue**
5. Put the lid on the shaker (both parts) and Shake-Shake-Shake till the outside of the shaker gets icy
6. Dump Ice out of your, now chilled, Martini glass
7. Spear as many jumbo green olives as you can on a toothpick, set in your chilled glass
8. Strain your Filthy Dirty Martini into your glass over the olives....
9. Drink up, buttercup!

* If you're having a dirty martini, don't waste you money on the best gin, Burnett's isn't the cheapest but good enough to make this drink work!
** If you haven't been introduced to Dirty Sue, please stop by and introduce yourself. It's basically Premium Olive Juice just for martini lovers like myself - who always run out of olive juice! I purchase it from Amazon.com  I love the subscribe and save option!!