DIY Deodorant

I guess I finally crossed the line this time, I decided there has to be a better option than the natural deodorants for sale.. and I came up with my own! It's so super easy and I think it works so much better than any natural brand I've tried.... You can buy empty new deodorant containers or you can just recycle used ones you've cleaned out.

My recipe made enough to fill 2 deodorant containers, I made one for me and one for Ray - only changing the essential oil scents. Here's my recipe:

Over medium heat, melt together in a small pot - I have a old pot and spoon that I only use for beauty concoctions :)
1/8 cup Cocoa Butter
2T Melted Bees Wax (I keep it melted in a recycled can and heat it in a pot of hot water)
3T Coconut Oil

Remove heat, Then add:
1/8 cup Baking Soda (aluminum free)
3T Arrowroot Powder (heaping tablespoons)
2T Kolian Clay

Once the dry stuff is mixed into the melted stuff, fill your deodorant containers.
Since I make 2 different scents - I just add in my essential oils into the liquid in the deodorant containers then stir with a wooden stick...

Hayley's Deodorant - 10 drops grapefruit essential oil
Ray's Deodorant - 5 drops teakwood and 3 drops cedar wood essential oils

Allow to cool in the fridge until solid!