DIY: Tub and Soap Scum Remover!!

Ok I have a little bit of a "dirty" secret... I have a big garden tub in our master bathroom that rarely gets used and even more rarely gets cleaned. It's WAS a disaster, until this morning. In literally 10 minutes total time, it's sparkling clean with very little effort.

Here's my recipe for the best Tub Ring and Soap Scum Remover:

  • Mix equal parts of White Distilled Vinegar and Dishwashing Soap in a spray bottle. (I found that a recycled spray cleaning bottle worked better than the $1 store spray bottles for a finer mist spray)
  • Spray Vinegar/Soap mixture liberally on your tub/shower and let sit 30+ minutes (I forgot about mine for at least an hour!!) Then I just wiped away the scumminess and rinsed with water. 

I was completely shocked at how well it worked!! and the best part is,  since everything in the spray I make is non-toxic, I'm not afraid of getting it on my skin, no need to worry about toxic fumes or wearing those awful rubber gloves!!!

NOTE: It also works on other scummy areas of your home, like inside your oven or on your cook top!