DIY Weed Killer

Weeds - Yep! We've got 'em too! and I've been struggling for an environmentally friendly solution... FINALLY! I've found it!

Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

Sunday, April 29,2012 at 4 pm

As you can see my homemade formula worked very well, better results than I had see previously in my chemical weed killing days.... Here's my recipe:

1 Gallon Distilled White Vinegar, 4-5% acidity
2/3 cup Epsom Salt
Combine all and mix well (I just mixed everything in the vinegar gallon - take out a little vinegar if you need to get get all the salt in... then fill up a sprayer of choice, and generously apply to any plant you want to kill on a bright sunny day. This will kill everything, not just weeds.. so be careful (like with all weed killers) to avoid getting it on plants you want to keep!