DIY Lemon-Thyme Hand Soap

I'm always looking for easy ways to save a few bucks on household supplies and I enjoy making things myself!! This is my first attempt at making liquid soap from bar soap and it turned out great. You can experiment with other scent/herb combinations but this was easy since I always have lemons and fresh thyme on hand.

2 Bars of Kirk's Natural Castile Soap, grated
1T Vegetable Glycerine
10 c water
Zest of 1 Lemon (use peeler to remove zest in large strips)
Sprigs of Fresh Thyme

Combine the grated soap, 1T vegetable glycerin, 10 cups of water and lemon zest in a large pot - and heat over medium until all melted/combined. Allow to cool then fill containers - adding springs of thyme.

Cost, $.02 per Ounce of soap, Total cost $1.60 for 80 oz liquid soap!
$1.34 - Kirk's Natural Castile Soap, at Vitacost.com and Now Foods Vegetable Gylcerine, $8.54/16oz at Amazon.com

You can grate the bar of soap on a traditional cheese grater, but I coarsely chopped up the bar of soap then tossed it in my dry cup of the Vitamix - it ground it into a fine powder, which saved a lot of time compared to hand grating.