DIY Hair Styling Wax

My poor husband has been asking me for hair gel for such a long time and I keep ignoring him. Finally, I made a solution.. instead of toxic chemical laden hair gel, I made him a all natural Hair Styling Wax!!! It works pretty good, I've used some on my hair too! Here's my recipe:

Melt together over medium heat,
3T Coconut Oil
1T Sunflower Oil (or Jojoba)
8T Melted Bees Wax
Remove from heat and stir in
2T arrowroot powder
5+ drops of essential oil for scent, if desired.

Will make about 5 ounces..  pour in a small glass jar and allow to cool in the fridge. Scrape a pea sized amount and rub between your fingers and apply to your hair - if it's too hard remelt and add more coconut oil, if it's too soft remelt and add more coconut oil :)