DIY Vanilla Syrup - Just Like Starbucks!

I love a vanilla latte but I hate spending $5 on a single cup of coffee at Starbucks or Panera Bread. My last trip to the Salvation Army Thrift store I found a Mr Coffee Espresso Machine for just $9.99, then I came up with a method for making a pretty good Vanilla Latte at home using Organic Free Trade Espresso Roast Coffee, Family Cow Organic Raw Milk and (unfortunately) Starbucks Vanilla Syrup. Once I finished up the bottle of vanilla syrup, it was time for me to make my own recipe for Vanilla Syrup.... Here's my recipe:

In a pot combine 4 cups organic sugar, 2 vanilla beans and 4 cups heat and stir to dissolve sugar, allow to cool. I filled up my Vanilla Syrup Container with a Pump - since it's so easy to just pump in the syrup in the morning!

And it's so much cheaper than the $10 for the bottle from Starbucks and has no junk in it.. just sugar, water, vanilla! But remember - sugar isn't healthy - it needs to be avoided when ever possible!