DIY Easy Cleaning Spray

I've been making my own Cleaning Spray for a couple years, it's so super simple and dirt cheap!
I just fill a spray bottle with water (recycled from a store bought cleaner or buy an empty bottle) 
the add about 1T Dr Bronners Sal Suds and a few drops of essential oil (Lemon or Lavender are my favorites!) Screw on the spray top and give it a gentle shake - and you have a bottle of spray cleaner to use just about anywhere in your home.. kitchen, bath, etc!

If you're not familiar with Dr Bronner's Magic Sal Suds - Check it out, http://www.drbronner.com/DBMS/SAL.htm It's a great all purpose cleaner to keep around the house. I buy it by the gallon for $35.99 from Vitacost, http://www.vitacost.com/dr-bronners-sal-suds-liquid

That works out to be just about $ .14/spray bottle for the cleaner - the essential oil is optional for scent only, I made it for years before I added the essential oil when I finally got some for bath and body projects!