Puffball (Mushroom) Parmesan

Have you seen those large white puff ball mushrooms growing - most of the time they can easily be mistaken for a volleyball :) It's a little known fact that puffballs are edible mushrooms - as long as they are completely white the whole way though. I'm not a mushroom expert and eating wild mushrooms isn't something to jump into there are risks of illness and death - I always stress to beginners to find someone local who's knowledgable, buy some books and find an internet group to ask questions. There's lots of people out there that will help! So I can't stress enough, I'm not an expert but my husband and I have been hunting mushrooms for years and years and years.. only recently we've gotten really serious - it's addictive to find and identify new mushrooms and it's a culinary delight when it's a choice edible!!

Here's some great info - check it out for more details: http://www.wildmanstevebrill.com/Mushrooms.Folder/Giant%20Puffball.html

I haven't had the luck some mushroom hunters to find lots of giant puff balls but from the ones that we have found, I've come up with a really awesome recipe for Puffball Parmesan. The best part is - it's gluten-free and low carb!!

Puffball Mushroom(s) - remove dirt and any tough outer skin
Parmesan Cheese
Fat for Frying - I recommend Lard, Tallow, Butter or Coconut oil
Tomato Marinara Sauce for topping

I can't give you exact measurements - it depends on how much mushroom you've found!
Take your clean puffball, slice about 1/2 inch thick (you'll be sure its all white too!) Dip the slices of puffball in beaten egg then bread with parmesan cheese then fry over medium heat till golden brown, drain on a paper towel lined plate, serve with Marinara Sauce. I can only explain the taste as cheese crusted mushroom flavored marshmallow!