DIY Citrus Enzymatic Cleaner

I was watching the news earlier this week and they did a special report on the best and worst cleaning sprays - I wasn't surprised when they said that regular old white vinegar out performed all chemical-laden toxic spray cleaners! WHOO-HOO!

There's lots of information on the Internet regarding making an enzymatic citrus cleaner - which is basically super-charged vinegar! And a great way to utilize citrus rinds before composting.

I keep a jar in the fridge and accumulate citrus rinds after we've juiced them. Once the jar is full of rinds (any combination of lemon, lime, orange, and/or grapefruit will work - cut larger pieces to fit in your jar) fill your jar with white distilled vinegar, seal up with a lid and store in a dark place. Let it sit for a month or longer.

I use mine as an all-purpose spray cleaner. Equal parts of Citrus Enzymatic Vinegar and water, then I add in a few drops of Dr Bronner's Sal Suds in a spray bottle. Give it a light shake and it's ready to use through out your house!